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The following publications include many of the references we use in gathering information. Our blogs contain targeted refrences from this list that we think would be of interest for further reading or even including in your library.

A visit to the Cloud Appreciation Society’s web site provides an interesting insight into clouds and cloud types.  Web address link below.


The Cloud Spotter’s Guide, Gavin Pretor-Pinney, 2006.  Hodder & Stoughton Ltd, 2006:320pp. ISBN 0 340 89589 6. www.cloudappreciationsociety.org

The Cloud Collector’s Handbook. Gavin Pretor-Pinney. – an excellent pocket book for the field.  www.cloudappreciationsociety.org


A Field guide to the Mammals of Australia, Second Edition, Menkhorst Peter, Knight Frank, 2004. Oxford University Press, 2004: 272pp. ISBN 0 19 555037 4.

A Complete Guide to Reptiles of Australia, Second Edition, Wilson Steve, Swan Gerry, 2008. Martin Ford, 2008: 512pp. ISBN 9781877069468 (pbk).


Forest Trees of Australia, Boland D J, Brooker M I H, Chippendale G M, Hall N, Hyland B P M, Johnson RD, Kleinig D A and Turner J D, 1992.  CSIRO Publishing, 1992:687pp. ISBN 0 643 05423 5.

Field Guide to Eucalypts Northern Australia, Volume 3 Second EditionBooker M I H and Kleinig D A, 1994. Blooming Books, 1994: 383pp. ISBN 1 876473 48 7.

Rainforest Trees and Shrubs a field guide to their identification in Victoria New South Wales and subtropical Queensland, Harden, Gwen McDonald Bill and Williams John. 2006.  Gwen Harden Publishing Nambucca Heads NSW 2006:264 pp (gwenharden@yahoo.com.au ISBN 0 9775553 0 5.

Mangroves to Mountains Revised Edition, Leiper Glenn, Glazebrook Jan, Cox Denis, Rathie Kerry, 2008. Society for Growing Australian Plants, Logan Branch, 2008: 544pp. ISBN 978 0 646 48846 2.

Flora  of south-eastern Queensland, Stanley TD and Ross EM, 2002.  Department of Prinary Industries, Queensland Miscellaneous Publication QM84007,2002: 639pp.

Eucalypts a Celebration, Wrigley John and Fagg Murray, 2010.  Allen and Unwin, 2010:343pp. ISBN 978 1 741759242.

A Field Guide to the Fungi of Australia, Young A M, 2005: 234pp. UNSW Press Australia. ISBN: 978  0 86840 742 5.

Australian Subtropical Fungi. McMullan-Fisher Sapphire, Leonard Patrick, Guard, Frances. Express Print and Mail, Maroochydore Qld. 1972.ISBN 978 0 9758175 0 6.


Rocks and Landscapes of the Gold Coast Hinterland, Expanded Second Edition. Willmont, Warwick 1992. Geological Society of Australia, Queensland Division 1992:60pp.

Rocks and Landscapes of the National Parks of Southern Queensland. Willmont, Warwick 2004. Geological Society of Australia Queensland division 2004:162pp. ISBN: 1 876125 46  2.

Rocks and Landscapes of Brisbane and Ipswich, Second Edition. Willmott, Warwick, 2012. Geological Society of Australia, Queensland Division, 2012: 86pp.

Rocks and Landscapes of the Sunshine Coast, Revised Second Edition including Gympie District. Willmott, Warwick, 2007. Geological Society of Australia, Queensland Division, 200765pp.


History of Lamington National Park. Jarrott Keith J 2004.  J. K. Jarrott and the National Parks Associartion of Queensland (Inc) 2004:152pp. ISBN 0 646 41674 X

One Mountain after Another, Third Edition. Groom Arthur 1992. Environbook Sydney 2001:202pp.  ISBN 0 85881 061 1.

Green Mountains Sixteenth Edition. O’Rielly Bernard 1947.  Smith and Patterson,Brisbane 1947:143.

Trip Guides/Maps

Dirty Weekends in South East Queensland. McCarthy Brad. Dirty weekend Publications Northgate Queensland.

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