Ted and Judy


Carrion Flowered Succulents

Stapelia plant with flowers and buds

Carrion flowered succulents are blessed with ornate flowers offset by the contrasting stench of decaying corpses. This “perfume” attracts a number of carrion flies that fall into two main groups: blow flies (Caliphoridae) and flesh flies (Sarcophagidae). While the stench puts off the average gardener the unusual structural […]

An Easy to Build Wasp Hotel

Log with holes of many sizes

My homemade wasp hotel

Installing a wasp hotel to provide homes for solitary mud wasps provides several levels of enjoyment: watching their industrious comings and goings; observing their behaviour and that of the many parasitic insects that loiter with intent around their nests. The mud wasps are predatory which adds the bonus of […]