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A Day at the Beach – a Cloudspotters Joy 2

Clouds over Crrumbin Beach

Beautiful day one at Currumbin

This summer’s wet made a stay at the beach pretty miserable and not conducive to cloud spotting. Our first day was sunny conning us into believing the worst of the wet had passed. Alas the wet returned the next day, but there were a few days of clear weather with some rare cloud formations.

Included in the Gallery attached to this post is a photo taken from the car park at Elephant Rock, looking towards Tugun, showing the storm damage and foam whipped up by the winds.  The other shots are of middle level clouds.


Altocumulus undulatus. Clouds arranged in wave like lines.


Altostratus duplicatus. The clouds are divided into two layers each travelling in a different direction.

Altostratus lacunosus. The cloud has holes punched through by descending cooler air and occurs when a layer of cooler air occurs over a warm one. The result can look like honeycomb. This cloud formation is very transient and in the time it took me to get the camera and take the shot it was almost gone. Look top left to see  holes (the entire cloud formation looked like this initially) and you can make out the remains of holes in other parts of the cloud.


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