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A Crested Pigeon with white feathers

Pale Crested Pigeon

Pale Crested Pigeon

Our garden has a number of water bowls for birds and for some years we also put out seed for doves and parrots. Initially we tried seed bells but found the Brush Tail Possums were carting them off overnight. These guys are not put off by people and will eat anything. They really are the Raccoons of Australia.

The seed bowls were attracting a range of bird species including Crested Pigeons, Bar Shouldered Doves, the introduced Spotted Turtledove and surprisingly lorikeets. Occasionally Sulphur Crested Parrots would bless us with a visit.

The Crested Pigeons proved very aggressive and pretty soon we only had them and the occasional Spotted Turtle doves coming in. The aggression observed took the form of threats using an upraised wing and finally a strong strike with the upraised wing. Lorikeets were the only ones to resist this bullying. They took one or two wing strikes then rounded on the Pigeon taking out a tuft of feathers. End of engagement!

One day to our surprise an almost white Crested Pigeon arrived at our bowls. It was normally coloured on the head and neck but the rest of the body and wings were predominantly white. It was one of those moments when you thought you were seeing things. The other Crested Pigeons seemed keen to avoid it although this may be because it was very aggressive and could out-bully them. It stayed with us for about 2 weeks during which we did not notice any courtship attempts or approaches (the others were all hard at it though) then disappeared.

2 comments to A Crested Pigeon with white feathers

  • Roland Bell

    Just saw one like this in our yard at eight mile plains, brisbane

    • Ted

      Hi Roland. Very interesting note. We occasionally get some strange parrots appearing in Calamvale and suspect they are escapees from the aivery of a bird fancier or breeder in the area. Perhaps this is the source. Regards Ted

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