Ted and Judy Dahms

We are biologists, curious about the world around us.

The blog arose from our wish to share our love and knowledge of the Australian environment, both natural and man-made, with as wide an audience as possible.

The aim is to stimulate readers’ curiosity and observation skills to enhance their travel experiences.

We are also amateur photographers and our blogs are well illustrated with visual examples.

Some Examples of our photographs are included under Gallery.

The subjects covered in our blogs can be found on the Topics page.

There are many things you can do to ensure your safety when out and about.  We provide an overview, but if you are going into remote areas we recommend that you seek guidance from people with remote area experience.undertaking any trip.


Our blogs occasionally contain GPS co-ordinates and/or mileages. These are to be taken as indicative only and meant as general guides. Therefore allow for some plus or minus adjustments and check them against those on Google Earth as part of your planning process. Changes to roads and their condition may occur after the blog was posted. Check your route with the latest maps and information.

In the discussion below I  mention various pieces of equipment, but make no recommendations as to choice or brand of this equipment. These choices are yours to make based on your calculation of risk and your research. 

Planning and Safety

You might find the following useful suggestions for trip planning –


  • Relevant maps (both electronic and paper based) covering the roads and trip destination(s). 
  • Research on Google Earth and trip notes by off-road clubs on the web would be useful as well.
  • Navigation equipment such as a compass and handheld GPS units.


In remote areas being able to summon help in emergencies is vital. There are a number of equipment choices and their choice governed by the level of risk and the severity of outcomes.