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Fig buttress_icon

Large sinuous buttreses on fig

Large sinuous buttreses on fig

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  • Helen George

    Have written a manual on wildlife (Macropod)care and need a specific habitat pic for potoroos. Text says “fallen fruit in rainforest clearing Moreton Bay Fig” Have seen your pic and need a high resolution copy. Can you help and how much would it cost.
    There are likely to be specific photos for other macropod species and as I am not proficient on the net, could I have your phone number please.

    Thank you
    Helen George OAM

    • Ted

      Hi Helen

      Unfortunately that shot was from my early days with digital photography and it’s resolution is not the best for reproduction. Judy and I have others taken more recently (Figs are our favourite) and can get more if I know what you want. Call me on 0408 756 272. Regards Ted

      PS if you need that exact photo I can easily retake it as it is close to home on Tambourine Mountain – I keep meaning to update the image so it would force me to stop procrastinating.

      Judy and I would be interested in the link between macropods and figs. Again Regards Ted

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